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NCHO Board Members

John Abbott

Home Club: Chico Homebrew Club

John got his first home brew kit in 1981 from Rocket Rod in Hawaii. John will attend his 25th AHA conference this year in Seattle.  He has attended every NCHF in Dobbins as well as a couple in Napa. He creates the NCFC pouring sculpture for the Chico Club. He is a BJCP National judge. As the newest Board Member he is responsible for Club Reps.

David Brattstrom

Home Club: HAZE

I have been involved with NCHF in someway or another from the beginning. I have been in charge of lining up the speakers, making announcements, and just filling in with what needs to be done. I have been to every Fest but one, sometimes family gets in the way of beer, and I still lined up the speakers for that year. I was one of several people that stepped up when the MALTS decided to stop running the California State Comp aka Stern Grove and brought it in to the NCHO fold. NCHO is a great organization and I am proud to be part of it. Homwbrewers are a wonderful group of people to hang out with.

Jim Fortes

Home Club: Hetch Hetchy Hop Heads

Board member since 1999. Jim has attended every Northern California Homebrewers Festival. He works on getting the great raffle prizes that we have each year and works at the Raffle booth on Saturday.

Lisa Fortes

Home Club: Hetch Hetchy Hop Heads

Board member since 2001. Lisa has not missed a single Northern California Homebrewers Festival and doesn't plan on doing so in the future. She handles many administrative tasks such as paying the bills, creating the schedules and ballots and works at the Raffle booth.

Glen Franke

Home Club: Haze

Board member for as long as he can remember and only misses fests when he's at Oktoberfest. Glen is responsible for the online store and Ice distribution. Frequently sighted at something called "Dead Palate"....

Michael Frenn

Home Club: HAZE

Board member since 2006, he has been attending the Fest since 2001 (Hey, "I got here as soon as I could."). Michael is the overall Board Organizer and the proud owner of the 1985 Chevrolet "Ale" Camino, the original BUV (Beer Utility Vehicle)!  He is presently committing a slow act of suicide having founded Old Hangtown Beer Beer Works, the smallest licensed craft brewery in the State, in 2010.

Paul Keefer

Home Clubs: H.O.M.E, and Bay Area Mashers

Board member since 2007. Has never missed a festival and is willing to fight with anyone who says he has. Paul is responsible for registration.

Sean Paxton

Home Club: Bay Area Brew Crew

Board member since the beginning. Never missed a fest and has a glass collection to prove it. Sean's primary responsibility is to deliver a multi-course meal at the Friday's Brewers Dinner that reflects the theme of the festival.

Bob Riksheim

Home Club: Draught Board and Bay Area Mashers

Bob hasn't missed an NCHF since 2008, and is rated Certifiable by the BJCP. His expertise lies in the counting of beans and chasing the odd ambulance, but his avowed mission is to keep the NCHO Board out of jail, and in the good graces of the ABC, among others.

Erich Schmidt

Home Club: Hetch Hetchy Hop Heads

Erich has been on the board since 2008, after complaining about how the logo competition went. His responsibilities for the NCHF include webmaster, graphics and communications. He has been a home brewer since 1992 and is a Certified BJCP judge.

Jack Weldon

Home Club: The Draught Board

Jack has been going to NCHF since 2008. Home Brewer for more than 25 years. BJCP  Certified Beer and Mead Judge. Current President of the Draught Board Home Brewers Club - The oldest club in Northern California and the 2nd oldest club in the nation. Brew 30+ beers annually. Volunteer at lots of bay area beer festivals.  Avid disc golfer.

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