Club Rep Signup

Club representatives can sign up here. The purpose of club reps is for us to have a point of contact person for every club. Club reps help us keep this event a club-only event, and fun for everyone!

What do Club Reps do?

  • One of your main duties in advance of the festival is to verify that people who register are actually active, dues-paying members of your club, or a guest of a member. If your club does not have a Club Rep, we may not allow your members to attend the festival, as we cannot verify their status as club members.
  • During the festival, we expect club reps to attend a brief meeting Saturday morning to review the rules and polices of the fest, and communicate those to your club members. Communicating with your members what we expect behavior-wise is the most important part of this job.
  • If we have issues with out of hand behavior during the festival, club reps are our contact person to address this. We don't expect club reps to act as "policemen", but to help us keep everyone safe and sane while having fun in the woods with home brew. We all know that a little too much home brew can make for poor decision-making at times....

We need only ONE person as a club rep for each club. Signing up as a rep DOES NOT guarantee you a ticket to the festival. If you are signed up as a rep and cannot get a festival ticket, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND A REPLACEMENT!

Sign up here to become your club representative. We request only one member of your club be the representative.



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