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Club Keg Competition

The Club Keg Competition during the fest has always been a popular event, and will once again be a focal point during the fest. This year there will be two awards given out to the lucky brewers.

Check if your club is registered

Beer Styles for 2017

This year’s theme for NCHF is “ Camp Homebrew “. It made sense that the club keg competition beers would have a similar theme. What would camping be without a campfire? Where there’s fire, there’s smoke!

Brew on!

Beer Style #1: Smoked Beer

This isn’t restricted to just Rauchbier but could be any of the other classic styles, as well as specialty smoked beer. The beer should show good balance between the smoke, beer character and any other added ingredients.

Beer Style #2: S'Mores Beer

The second beer is still campfire related but a little more specific as far as flavor: S’mores beer. The idea is to combine the flavors of Graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate in a beer. How you achieve these flavors is the challenge!


Preparing your beer for the Club Keg Competition

All beers are poured anonymously on our jockey boxes in the center tent (with the checkered roof, hard to miss!), with everyone in attendance voting for the winning beers in each style. The winning brewers and clubs get their names added to a trophy, on display for all to see each year at the beer competition tent. And of course, bragging rights!

A club can enter 1 beer in each category. So a maximum on 2 beers per club total, if entering both categories.

Clubs can deliver their beers to the beer trailer Saturday morning between 10-11 AM for check-in. If you have your keg in a fermentation-sized bucket on ice, that's great. If not, we will put all the kegs in a cold box until hook up, then in bins with ice. We can accept 2.5gal - 5gal corny kegs--either ball lock or pin lock--no Sanke kegs!

The Club Comp has grown to be one of the most popular events at NCHF and this has necessitated a little more structure than what we have had in the past. Please note the following:

  1. The comp will be limited to 24 beers total between the two styles (this represents our jockeybox capacity)
  2. Competition slots will be allotted on a first-come, first served basis
  3. Competition registration will only be through registered Club Reps
  4. Entries accepted now through September 3
  5. Beers must be delivered to the beer trailer no later than 11:00 AM the morning of the fest
  6. Entrants are responsible for retrieving their kegs; this may done after conclusion of the final awards and raffle ceremony
  7. NCHO will provide CO2

Entrant must specify:

  1. Club name
  2. Style: #1 or #2
  3. Ball or Pin Keg (This is really important and speeds set up of the comp). No Sanke kegs!

Registered Clubs 

Final List

Club Smoked Entered Smoked keg type S'more Entered S'more keg type
 BAM     X Ball
 DOZE  X Ball  Ball 
 MASH     Ball
PUBS      Ball
Shasta     Ball 
Sudzers     Ball 
Under Ground  X Ball  Ball
HAZE     Ball
That Dam Brew Club  X Ball Ball
Chico  X Ball  Ball
Almaden  X Ball     
Draft Board  X Pin    
Beer Underground  X Ball    
Brewers of Paradise      X Ball
HOME      X Ball 







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